How to Increase Mobile speed

How to increase Mobile speed instantly without deleted your Apps

Firse Mobile atak gya? Dont worry...

Today you are going to change your life, If you follow this instruction....and see the miracle.

Remember we will not tell you to install any Mobile Booster.

Below steps are only for Android Phone So Let’s Start

  • Clear Phone Cache
  • Restart When its hanged
  • Delete Unwanted Application
  • Move Application to  Memory Card, If possible
  • Goto “Apps” in Setting
  • Clear All Application Cache individually
  • Remove Screen Saver
  • Remove Extra Theme
  • Keep Brightness – Auto
  • Activate Developer Option in Setting
  • Make it “OFF” – Window Animation Scale
  • Also for make it “OFF” – Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale

NOTE: Now you are done. Please restart your phone. You can play with this options because might be you will not like this Extreme speed of your phone.

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