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What is a Blog?
A blog is an information based on day-to-day life or detailed information that can be published on the website to educate or to inform readers or audience. A blog can be anything or any topic with a brief description.
There are many types of blogs, some common are of 18 types:
– Fashion, Food, Travel, Music, Lifestyle, Fitness, DIY, Sports, Finance, Politics, Parenting, Business,
Personal, Movie, Car, News, Pet, and Gaming.

Why we should do blogging?
Blogging helps you to reach billions of people online which in return benefits you to increase business or make money online. Blogging is free of cost for everyone which attracts the potential readers to engage to become experts in a short period of time. Bloggers get huge traffic on their website in return and the reader gets what they have come for.
A few points to be kept in mind as an advantage of blogging:
– Attract Potential Audiences,
– Engage Reader,
– Business Growth,
– Reader & Writer can Learn,
– Showcase your Story,
– Audience become friends or fans, and
– Generate side Income.

Where to blog?
There are many Content Management systems (CMS) are available in the market for free which allow you to blog as much as you want, some popular blogging platforms are WordPress, Joomla, Wix, etc.
Before you start blogging through CMS, make sure you compare the prices, benefits, and features because once you purchased it cannot be undoing.

Which topic should I use for blogging?
Blogging is not that difficult but keeping consistency on blogging is the most difficult part because every day is not the same days as expected some days are busy and some days are not. What we do it to teach you how to manage your important time to increase your productivity. Now come to the key point, We all knew our interesting topic and focus so based on your interest you should start your blogs but remember your first blog should be always about yourself which creates a bond with an audience to build trust in you.
There are many types of blogs, some common are of 18 types: Fashion, Food, Travel, Music, Lifestyle, Fitness, DIY, Sports, Finance, Politics, Parenting, Business, Personal, Movie, Car, News, Pet, and Gaming.
No matter how you write or explain, if your reader finds it interesting then your blog is successful. So, always focus on the needs or purpose of the visitors or audience on your website or blog.

Who can blog?
Anyone can become a blogger or can do blogging, but the main key point you need to keep in mind is that your blog must have some attraction or knowledge which engages the reader to get what they have come for.
You may find thousands of people are earning thousands of dollars with their blogging tricks. You will learn all such tips and tricks on service4u.in as we have built this website to educate our audience at no cost.

When can I start my first blog?
You can start your first blog whenever you want it fully depends on you. Blogging is free for readers and writers. The only cost you for buying a website if you want or else you can create an account on blogger.com or medium.com etc and then you can earn as much as you want based on your blogs, website traffic, and audience clicks.
It is always being very simple to blog but keeping consistency is the only difficult part in all scenarios. Do not focus on what others do to start their first blog as their life journey is different from yours but try to learn the story and get some ideas for your information.

How can I start my first blog?
Start writing about yourself first, try to engage your reader on your blog post, and let them take an interest in your story and blog.
Take a pen and paper, and recall your life journey, how you became what you wanted to become, write about your struggle that you have been through, write about your mistakes you have made in the past and this will engage your audience.
Remember, you should admit your mistakes because people don’t like those who deny admitting their own mistakes. The audience wants you to show your improvement so that they can follow you.
I have started my first blog at the age of 30, I made many mistakes, and finally, I have learned how to earn money online through blogging.
I changed my field and became a part-time blogger into a full-time blogger, web designer, and digital marketer.

Please share your thoughts in the comment box and let me know your interesting topic so will guide you on how to start your blog.

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